Arctic Group at 2012 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition

Arctic Group participated in the 2012 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition held in Tallinn, Estonia from 6 – 8 June 2012. This year’s topic was “IT Transforms Core Business for Customs and its Stakeholders”, a very apt theme that holds true for Arctic Group’s key customs solutions, ArcticTARIFF, ArcticFAST and ArcticPORTAL.

Arctic Group is a regular exhibitor at this prestigious Customs event organized by WCO and similar to other years, this year’s event and exhibition had been a fulfilling and successful one for our Customs solutions team. The event saw more than 400 conference participants and our exhibition team had a busy and enjoyable time attending to the visitors and helping to address their questions and queries regarding Arctic Group’s solutions and services.

To all the participants who had visited our booth, we sincerely thank you for registering your interest in Arctic Group and we look forward to communicating with you again.