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The past 15 years we have been one of the main suppliers of services and IT solutions to the Swedish customs. We have experience from supplying customs in more than 20 other countries, mainly in Europe, but also in Asia, South America and Africa.  

about Arctic customs solutions

We offer a complete range of intelligent customs solutions to meet the demands from the global customs and trading communities.

We also offer commercial off-the-shelf solutions (COTS), especially for custom authorities. These are easy to implement without compromising flexibility and user demands. Our proven off-the-shelf products leads to a relatively risk free and cost effective solution compared with customized products.

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System support for mobile anti-smuggling teams.

In an increasingly borderless world, organized crime and smuggling are also on the rise. Stopping and preventing crime and terrorism requires entirely new tools, products and methods that are mobile and that can be applied rapidly and across borders.

ArcticFAST (Flexible Anti-Smuggling Teams) is a comprehensive software product for mobile anti-smuggling teams, tax inspectors, and other mobile enforcement teams (e.g. coast guard). ArcticFAST provides powerful sys tem support for planning, execution and reporting back of surveillance and inspection missions.

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Arctic ITE

Webbased tariff system for customs administration.

ArcticTARIFF – core functionality including e.g. EU-data import, management of national data, query system and duty calculator
ArcticQUOTA – handling of quota requests and responses
ArcticSTATISTICS – collection and distribution of surveillance and anti-dumping information
ArcticEBTI – handling of binding tariff information

The system is compatible with EU requirements and provides flexible and comprehensive functionality, also allowing national regulations to be applied. In addition to ensuring compliance with EU requirements, the system offers the following major benefits:

  • Computerized duty control. Duty calculations are computerized and validated against the values provided in the declaration.
  • Integration of national regulations. Flexible functionality, allowing national duties, restrictions and prohibitions to be applied.
  • Web-based duty calculator. The web-based duty calculator provides a powerful tool that allows traders to calculate their total import costs.
  • File distribution. The system offers the trader community a flexible interface for downloading TARIC data for use in their own systems.
  • Quotas and statistics. The system offers comprehensive functionality for handling quota requests and responses, and for collecting and distributing surveillance and anti-dumping information.
  • Stand-alone. The system can be implemented as a stand-alone system, interacting with other systems via an open interface.
  • User-friendly. The user interface is easy to understand and the learning curve to use the system is steep.
  • Modern technology. All functionality is component-based with a web-based user interface. Both the business components and the web-based user interface are built on modern J2EE technology.

Do you want to find out more about out Arctic Customs Solutions? Please call Jan-Ove Högberg, Operative Manager on +46 70-551 67 04

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