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About Us

Arctic Group is a company with its roots in the northern regions of Sweden but in order to meet our customers demand, we have built an operation with strong international connections. We want to continue on that path.

Arctic Group is a group of highly competent, experienced technical consultants. We focus on two main areas: customs applications and telecom.

Arctic Group has been a supplier of IT consultancy services to the Swedish Customs over the last 20 years. Furthermore, the company´s experts have extensive experiences of working with other customs administrations in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Within telecom the company has spearhead competence in the areas of CRM-applications, security and mobile applications. The company has built this competence by being a provider to the largest network operator in Sweden, TeliaSonera.

Our basic competence within our technical areas is highly advanced, thanks to a mix of experienced consultants and young members with a thirst for knowledge. That most of us within Arcticgroup are also part-owners of the company helps to create the involvement and participation which is our hallmark, and which makes a strong contribution to ensuring project success.

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Arctic Group - works for you
Arctic Group is a company located in northern Sweden focused on the global market. Over the last years we have gained international experience from projects in 20 different countries. With an exceptional profitable growth over many years, our revenue in 2012 was over € 25 million.

Our operation is grouped into four business areas, IT solutions for Customs administrations, Consultancy agency, a Swedish consultancy business focused Telecom operators and Public sector and Malaysian consultancy business with the same focus. The company has built up its leading-edge expertise by supplying IT consultancy services and software products to highly esteemed customers.

We are quality and environment certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.