Navigating tough decisions and strengthening the skills of Axfood IT

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    We meet Axfood IT on an autumn day in October 2023 at their headquarters in Stockholm

    Axfood is Sweden’s second largest grocery supplier and consists of distinctive concepts that work together in the background, for example IT, purchasing and logistics.


    The collaboration between Axfood IT and Arctic Group began almost two years ago when Axfood did a minor restructuring of some of their internal systems. At that stage, they needed to strengthen the competence within Atlassian’s products and after recommendation they contacted Arctic Group.

    “We have hired Arctic Group to ensure that competence within Atlassian’s products is always available and up to date. We also see advantages in that you have experience from other installations and can therefore help us navigate difficult decisions.” – Morgan Edenholm, Axfood IT

    The working method has been developed together as Axfood IT already worked with the product. We at Arctic Group have then provided suggestions for additional services when new needs have arisen in their organization.

    The daily management of incoming cases is managed via a tool that Arctic Group has access to and through this tool we can then communicate with about 1000 Atlassian users within Axfood.

    When Axfood IT in the next step reviews improvement proposals and discusses it internally within the organization, Arctic Group enters as experts and advisors.

    “Before decisions are made, we ask Arctic Group to do a consequence analysis to ensure that no unwanted side effects occur. After a decision, we notify Arctic Group, who then implements the change.”

    The result has facilitated and led Axfood IT to recommend similar setups as theirs to other companies, so that the company itself can focus on what they are good at and leave the system expertise to Arctic Group’s implementation and management team.

    “We feel secure in always having up-to-date competence in the area, so that we can focus on working methods and efficient collaborations within Axfood IT.” – concludes Morgan Edenholm, Axfood IT

    Is your company interested in seeing how you can combine and maximize Atlassian’s products? Get in touch with us and we will guide you through Atlassian’s ecosystem, or read more here!