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    We at Arctic Group believe in strong teams and making a difference together. With us you will work with driven colleagues, close to customers and in exciting assignments. Be part of the journey.


    We are humble winners

    The goal is for Arctic Group to be the best workplace for people who want to grow, both professionally and personally. With us, everyone should be able to develop and be challenged in their professional role and at the same time be able to find a good balance.

    For us, it is important to always put our employees first in order to become a safe haven in everyday life. We thrive together, create participation and develop in our teams.

    Available positions

    We are growing and interested in meeting new amazing people. We need more knowledgeable and lovely colleagues to join us at Arctic Group. Welcome with your application!

    We offer flexible workplaces with offices spread across the country.

    Available postions

    We want people to grow

    With us, everyone should be able to develop and be challenged in their role while finding a good balance between family life and career. We invest in our employees and give them the opportunity to be experts while stopping to think about what is important. That’s why all employees have access to skills development through our AG Academy. With us, you can do everything from holding your own training to attending one of our courses.

    Together we create participation, strong teams and carry out the work with our full competence. This is to deliver the best to our customers.

    Are you a student? Apply for the Career Chair

    The student program Career Chair is a unique opportunity for students to experience working life and complete their studies at the same time!

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    About Arctic Group

    Arctic Group is an IT consulting company at the forefront. We are in an exciting expansion phase with the goal of expanding the team to develop together and make the world digitally safer.

    About Arctic Group