Jonas & Jürgen are back!

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    At Arctic Group, we want all our employees to develop, be challenged and feel joy every day.

    We have a high ceiling and work in close collaboration in and between our teams and our consultants is our most important asset and therefore you will be extra happy when two of our former employees Jonas & amp; Jürgen now chooses to come back to us after a time at other companies.

    A warm welcome back to us at Arctic Group Jonas and Jürgen!

    Jonas Månsson, who after one year now has chosen to return to Arctic Group, will work as a project manager in our IAM team.
    What made you choose to come back to us Jonas Månsson?

    ”The main reason is to be part of Arctic Group, which is now investing even more in IAM and wants to grow further in this area.
    “Arctic Group has also a really good mix of colleagues – young, seniors, men and women, which makes Arctic Group a really good place to be.”

    Jürgen Westbrandt, who after two years has now chosen to return to Arctic Group, ends up in our integration team where he will work with testing and management.

    Jürgen’s own words about being back with us:

    ”As an ‘old AG’, it feels very good to come back to Arctic Group.
    Fun to chat with old co-workers and get to know those who have joined last years.
    Even though it is not so long since I left the ship, a lot has happened and there is new to learn about Arctic Group, new business and customers.
    I think it shows that Arctic Group is moving forward, breaking new ground but at the same time working to develop already established relationships.”

    We are facing an exciting future with many new customers and assignments and it feels great that you are back with us – again a warm welcome back!