Latest trends in cyber-security

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    Spring conferences in Cybersecurity – Gartner IAM Summit and RSAC 2022

    This year we were finally able to participate on site at the conferences Gartner IAM Summit in London held in May and RSAC 2022 in June in San Francisco.

    Gartner IAM Summit is a conference with a focus on Identity Governance and Management (IGA), Privilege Access Management (PAM) and Access Management (AM). The conference includes talks, tech sessions and exclusive meetings with suppliers. Participants will also have the opportunity to listen to Gartner’s analysts about what they think will happen in the IAM area in the coming year. Participants are mainly from Europe and above all the Nordics, so it is a perfect opportunity to meet and network.

    RSAC 2022 is the world’s largest cyber security fair and has a broad focus on innovation and trends. Here you can find the most modern technology and latest start ups that span cyber and IT security. With over 40,000 participants from around the world, the conference features news and enables attendees to participate in discussion forums and over 350 different sessions.

    What are they talking about?

    With the increased need in companies around the world, the common need is – resources and competence in cyber security. According to research, there are only 4.2 million cybersecurity experts in the world and right now there are approximately 2.7 million unfilled positions in the field. In order to keep pace with the need for resources in the area, a 65% increase in resources is needed to be able to defend the companies’ critical assets.

    Automation and AI

    Automation creates value by streamlining organizations and giving the company’s resources more time to act on critical issues that require immediate action and investigation. The suppliers strive for more Automation and AI in their products as today’s threats are so sophisticated that the products require speed.

    The products work together

    The future with CyberSecurity Mesh Architecture, where all security tools work together instead of working in silos as before. The IGA and PAM suppliers collaborate to offer package solutions that can give organizations the conditions for quick and easy integration.

    Identity is critical to the journey to the cloud

    To make a secure journey to the cloud, identities are critical. A so-called Identity-first strategy is necessary and it is important to manage both identities that belong to a physical person and those that are connected to a service, robot or service, so-called “Non-human accounts”. This particular type of account is growing explosively in connection with IoT, keeping an eye on these is extremely important in the future as many of these accounts often become the target of an IT attack.

    Autumn conference, Identity Day 2022

    Arctic Group has broad and deep expertise in the cyber security area and works together with many different product partners. Together we are now setting the start for Identity day. A conference for those who work in the IAM area! Welcome to exciting lectures with the opportunity to meet industry colleagues to exchange experiences with.

    The 5th of October at Clarion Sign in Stockholm.
    Pre-register for the autumn conference Identity day here!
    More information to follow!