Möt två av våra konsulter

    Som hjälper våra kunder att bygga de bästa lösningarna

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    Emmy Nilsson and Anders Mark, two of our consultants who are on assignment with our customers

    In the work as a consultant, you get to meet many different customers and issues.
    Emmy and Anders are two of our consultants who spend a large part of their time on site with a customer – here we get an insight into their everyday life and how they experience their work.

    In order to strengthen the bonds with our employees, we have in recent years worked very hard with our culture, how we relate to each other and to others.
    Today we have a good mix of employees in different age categories, with different backgrounds, different nationalities, different skills and we complement each other very well.

    It is a great advantage that we have succeeded in that work because all customer assignments look different and it is important for us to be able to give both employees and customers the development they want, says Fredrik Åström, CEO of Arctic Group.

    Who are you Emmy, tell me more about yourself and your career at Arctic Group?
    – I am Emmy Nilsson, almost 25 years old and living in Boden. I have worked at Arctic Group for quite exactly 2.5 years and before that I studied Digital Service Development at Luleå University of Technology. I currently work as a scrum master, which mainly means that together with team and assignment leaders plan, prioritize and coordinate the daily and long-term work in the team, based on the assignments and management objects for which we are responsible.

    It also means that I keep track of backlog, sprint work and am an external contact with the business for requirements collection, follow-up and training.

    I also work as a test leader, which for me is a relatively new area, it will be really exciting to explore it further!

    What does your everyday life look like as a consultant?
    – In 2020, I worked from home just like most others at both the customer and Arctic Group and I will continue to do so now also in 2021.

    During a “normal” year, I sit full time in the customer’s premises and spend most of my time with the customer. It is both fun and educational because I get to meet many people and get to know other parts of the industry.

    I have regular reconciliations with my boss and we consultants who are out with the customer a lot also have a meeting with the management once a month to make sure that everything goes as it should. I think this is important to keep a strong cohesion among us who sit out with the customer full time but also to share experiences on how we can deliver in the best way for the customer.

    How do you experience Emmy, belonging to the teams at Arctic Group?
    – I belong to our IAM team and there we have now during the homework started with a morning meeting once a week to review the status of our assignments and projects or just meet to have a coffee together.

    In addition to this, we have our monthly staff meeting, Arctic Friday, where all staff gather over a lunch and get to take part in more general information that affects everyone at Arctic Group. Then we also have a joint afternoon coffee once a week where we can all gather digitally and talk!
    Otherwise, I feel that I always have someone I can turn to if there is something I need help with, from all the different teams at Arctic Group.

    A work culture where you are concerned about spreading skills and experiences between each other is very inspiring.

    I think all of these parts contribute to a strong cohesion, even though some of us sit full-time with a customer. Which may have been extra important now that we are not seen every day in the same way as we did before.

    Anders, who are you and what does your career look like?
    – My name is Anders Mark, a Pitebo who has lived in Luleå since 2000. I live in Gammelstad with my wife Marlene and our children Nora and Noel. I have worked in Luleå throughout my time in the IT industry, which began in 1987.

    In 2004 I started at a newly started company called Arctic Business Consulting, we joined the Information Group some time later and then formed Arctic Group, the company where I still work today.

    My role is a system developer and over the years I have come across a variety of systems, techniques and working methods. From having started with development in Pascal from the beginning of his career, the road has been lined with a number of other different programming languages, databases & data modeling, investigation & analysis, test activities, etc.

    What does your everyday life look like as a consultant?
    – Today I work as a full-time consultant with a client, which I have largely done since 2013 and there I work with all development. This includes the construction of map services, data modeling and various administration-specific tasks. There are a lot of different tasks that are performed, but basically it’s all about solving different types of problems, which I like.

    I like the freedom that I have at both Arctic Group and with the customer, I always try to do my best and can in many ways control a large part of the working day myself.

    Being a consultant to a customer means that you perform the work they need help with, but with today’s technology, it is often possible to either work from Arctic Group’s office or from home. What is fun about working out with a customer is all the new people you get to know and to be a part of their everyday life and corporate culture. Then you naturally come into contact with a variety of working methods, tools and systems, which means that you get variation in the work.

    As a consultant at a client’s, how do you experience Anders, a member of the teams and the Arctic Group?
    – There is a strong bond between me as a consultant on site at the client and the company I represent. Maybe it’s because I actually worked there for a very long time, but I also think that the climate we have at the company is quite appealing to most people. We have a very high ceiling and there are virtually no problems that cannot be solved.

    For Arctic Group, the staff is the most important thing!

    In addition to the more company-related meetings, meetings are usually arranged within the various teams to increase coziness, such as cross-country skiing courses, where we have hired a coach and everyone who is interested can participate.

    Of course, there are difficulties in spending almost all the time with the customer. Of course, it happens that you feel a very strong connection to the customer and the team you are part of there and a slightly weaker connection to Arctic Group, but somehow there is still loyalty and security at Arctic Group. I know that if I should not thrive in a customer assignment or want to go ahead and work with other things, Arctic Group will arrange it.

    I am completely convinced that employees who thrive well do a good job, and they always do their utmost to exceed customer expectations. If we as employers can contribute with well-being, development and have a good dialogue with all employees and our customers, we as a company will continue to develop positively, Fredrik concludes.