Get more out of your Atlassian applications and unleash the potential of your teams. We are experts in Atlassian and will help you get the most out of your teamwork


    Keep track and maintain control when you plan, develop and deliver

    For almost 25 years, we have been entrusted with implementing and helping customers find customized solutions for planning, developing, delivering and managing their products and services with customers in municipal operations, government agencies, telecoms, banking and process industries.

    Why companies choose to work with Atlassians products?

    Security and privacy
    You can distribute applications from Atlassian behind your firewall and own your data. The products provide good opportunities for Single-sign-on (SSO) as well as solid permissions in the software

    World-class support
    You get access to documentation, training and senior support through the Premier support package offered by Atlassian. Their products together with our expert competence are a perfect combination

    The products are used in heavily regulated industries because of their adaptability

    International communication
    Communication in both real time and in the right time is the key to bringing teams together all over the world – We are ready for the challenge

    Flexible and adaptable
    Each product offers customizable extensions and APIs to meet your needs

    Strong ecosystem
    There are few companies that would not benefit from working with the products that are part of Atlassians ecosystem

    Move to the cloud with us

    Atlassian focuses on cloud services and after 2 / 2-2024 no new server licenses will be sold. This applies to all applications except for Fisheye and Crucible. Read more about Atlassian’s cloud acceleration here  Journey to Cloud.

    For customers who cannot store their data in Atlassian’s cloud, we recommend Data Center, a solution where the customer has their own instance behind their own firewalls. On our product pages below, you will find which solutions are available for each of the applications.

    Do you have any thoughts on what this might mean for you? Or do you have a server instance and are interested in moving to the cloud? Contact us and we will help you further!


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    We have long worked to train customers in Atlassians product catalog. We develop the products based on your needs, with integration of existing solutions or tailored development, we can deliver the right solution for you

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