Holistic solution at the technological forefront, that with the help of AI provides increased control over permissions to data, information and applications, while at the same time giving reduced risk of intrusion and identity creation with full traceability of permissions


    With real-time reporting, you can quickly identify risks and stop them

    SailPoint offers complete solutions within Identity Governance and Administration and delivers an innovative approach to securing access in organizations while at the same time keep track of and control who has access. SailPoint provides companies with tools to ensure that everyone has the access and privileges they need, when they need it, intuitively and automatically, whether it is on-prem or in the cloud.

    SailPoint Predictive Identity is a SaaS platform with various features that handle challenges related to user management and user rights by being combined with SailPoint’s cloud-based platform Identity Now, or SailPoint’s on-prem platform Identity IQ.

    SailPoint Identity IQ and SailPoint Identity Now are powered by patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technology (ML) and are designed to quickly deliver customizable security. Recommendations using real-time reporting and AI for secure data automation and granting of access are displayed based on how your organization works, so effective risk identification and rapid action can stop them.

    Automated approvals

    Quick recommendations and analyzes

    Automate user access

    Manage access to sensitive data

    Discover and prevent conflicts of interest

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