Application Development & Management


    Right from the gate, we are thinking in the terms of management

    Our commitment is adapted to our customer’s need for support, depending on the product or the system’s complexity and availability requirements.​​​

    The goal is always a customized, stable and cost-effective delivery that keeps pace with development.

    The services includes Further Development, Maintenance & Support, Proactivity and Follow-up, SLA and Additional Services.

    The service is confirmed together with our customer where we go through working methods, areas of responsibility and contacts within delivery. It provides great benefits in continued work and provides a fast, customized and stable service that keeps pace with the business’s development requirements as well as action on orders.

    Today, we deliver management teams, in small and large assignments, in the Nordic region and globally in the world from our office in Luleå. Contact us to know more about how we can help you!

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    On behalf of FDT, we have migrated and today manage their collaboration platform. Read more about what our customers think of us and how we have helped them find the best solution!

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    With our experience, extensive competence and desire to deliver the right technical solution with high quality, our range of services extends from strategic advice to operational project implementation and management of business systems

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