Fraud Management

    We help you prevent and detect irregularities and fraud


    Within Fraud Management, we help customers in Fraud and Revenue Assurance

    Working with Fraud and Revenue Assurance (RA) is part of our everyday life. All events that take place in the Telecom world generate a transaction (records), these are collected and saved in a database which in some cases can be enriched with additional data. We ensure that collected data reaches the selected platform and is both complete and correct to make the data searchable in an optimal way. 

    Our Fraud Management services are designed to prevent, detect and manage fraud and risk. We work closely with the customer to implement, shape and control fraud detection with data analytics and anti-fraud programs. In a rapidly changing digitized world and not least transaction-intensive environment, we also work together with teams from other departments to develop, integrate and manage the platforms and systems being used.

    Our Fraud team always works to adapt and tailor systems and deliveries based on your company’s unique needs and the risks evaluated in the organization.

    Fraud management helps you protect your company’s processes from fake identities, identity theft, account takeovers and other fraud patterns.

    Revenue Assurance
    In order to detect possible fraud, rules and reviews are created that compare the expected outcome with the actual outcome, all differences in the data are leaks that can be a Revenue.

    Contact us to know more how we can help you detect and work against fraud and leaks in your environments!

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