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    We provide you with immediate assistance in case of cyber incidents in Sweden.

    At Arctic Group and through our sister companies in Allurity, we maintain a network of Emergency Incident Response experts who have accumulated experience from hundreds of cases each year.

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    Get 24/7 Emergency Incident Response with Arctic Group and CSIS Security Group

    In a world that is becoming increasingly digital and interconnected, the risk of cyber incidents is also increasing. When the unexpected happens, you need to act carefully. Think about containing the incident. Think about securing evidence; you may have to provide evidence to the police, insurance companies, etc. Think about understanding the real root cause to ensure you don’t suffer repeated incidents.

    Arctic Group, part of the renowned Allurity Group, together with our sister company CSIS Security Group, offers you unparalleled immediate assistance in the event of cybersecurity incidents – around the clock, every day of the year. Rely on an experienced team that has already successfully accompanied and concluded hundreds of such incidents.

    At Arctic Group, we understand that security is more than just technology. It’s about trust, reliability and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is protected even in difficult times. With Arctic Group and CSIS on your side, you can be confident that your digital world will remain secure.

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