Protect your digital world with the YubiKey security key, stop account takeovers, go passwordless and modernize, with multifactor authentication


    The internet is full of phishing attacks, stolen passwords and hijacked accounts

    YubiKey is the industry’s leading security key that makes the Internet a more secure place with two- and multi-factor authentication that ensures you access to your accounts without a mobile connection or a mobile device.

    YubiKey secures access to optional systems and services, the security key is very compact and robust and is designed to always hang on your keychain. It is manufactured in Sweden and the USA and is available in different sizes and shapes to be adapted to all devices, connected via USB, NFC or lightning.

    Common user cases include securing Google, Microsoft, IAM services, password managers, VPNs and more and in many cases YubiKey authentication works directly. You can use a key for all your applications, both private and corporate accounts.

    You get secure authentication whether you want to protect your personal accounts or work in a large organization with many applications and with requirements to ensure thousands of users with the highest security requirements.

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