Identity Access Management (IAM)

    We make it possible for the right people to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons


    Every day, something or someone tries to find ways to exploit the safety of you, your company and your customers

    Based on 20 years of experience, we have been entrusted with implementing IAM frameworks for customers such as Telia, the swedish Police, Max and Royal Bank of Scotland.

    The obvious benefits often include availability and efficiency. What is usually not as obvious are the answers to the business-critical questions.

    How do you get control of accounts and permissions?

    How do you give the right employees the right authority?

    How do you protect sensitive information?

    How do you increase usability and ease of use?

    IAM is a growing framework and workprocess to ensure that digital work is secure, time- and cost-effective and user-friendly. With the right application, your custom IAM framework gets a timeless architecture and design. A must to keep up with the pace of technological development and the changing behavior of users over time. The method can be applied to all business models with individual adaptation.


    We work for digital security today and tomorrow. With modern technologies and unique expertise, we create security for the future

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