Highlights from Gartner IAM Summit 2023

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    Back from London!

    Anders Ihs, Johan Arvidsson and Christoffer Holmstedt are now back from Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2023. They have gathered the main trends and techniques you need in IAM to navigate all the challenges and changes in technology development.

    Gartner has been around for many years and is a great event that looks to the future. We at Arctic Group, after attending several years, still experience it as well organized, have good sessions around 30 minute  and has many good product suppliers in the venue. The oldest and larger suppliers but also the niche ones.

    It’s an exciting combination to see, the big dragons but also those who want to be competitive, says Anders Ihs.

    Many of our customers and product partners were present. In order to get the most out of the conference, it also included a schedule for meeting customers. It was great that several of our closest and oldest contacts were there. Gartner was a perfect opportunity to meet but also to emphasize what is important to consider and what solutions our customers can find.

    During these days there were several tracks to listen to and take part in. Everything from Access Management to Cybersecurity, Leadership & Strategy. The Cybersecurity track was mainly based on strategies that can be used in the future and it is in this aspect that we feel that Gartner’s strength lies, they are very good at predicting the future.

    Another track was Identity-first security. The term was coined by Gartner in 2021 when they analyzed what happened and is happening in the IAM industry. More and more people are moving to cloud services and the traditional shell protection with firewall and VPN is increasingly being pushed away. The new external protection is IGA, authentication and authorization products. In other words, we are no longer protecting a specific network but should focus on protecting the identities and the data we have. To drive the point home, one speaker mentioned that “Identity-first security” is about a future where VPN services are no longer needed. Yubico summarized it as follows in a presentation:

    Todays attackers don’t hack in, they login

    Read more about our Yubico products here!

    Identity security permeated the entire conference and was recurring in several sessions. Our IAM expert Anders Ihs also mentions that this type of security should be included in an IAM framework. “Identity theft carries many risks, so we should look at how we can detect it quickly and how we can prevent the damage. Because it is not a question of if it will happen – but rather when. One of the solutions talked about to quickly build in to prevent identity theft was ITDR – Identity Threat Detection and Response.


    ·      Automation is important and will become even more important

    ·      We are driving toward passwordless

    ·      Certificate and lifecycle management

    After being at Gartner, we at Arctic Group can confirm that we are heading in the right direction. We continue on the journey and the trends that are predicted and we can confidently guide our customers in the solutions that work best for them. Are you interested? Contact us!