Student career chair at Arctic Group

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    The student career chair at Arctic Group is a unique opportunity for students who also want to try out working life

    Our unique concept The student career chair we have been working with since 2016 and we constantly continue to develop the concept further every year through close reconciliations with our existing career chairs. It is important to be sensitive and close to our career chairs to capture their feeling, says Patrik Knochenhauer who leads and holds the projects for our career chairs.

    We offer students a workplace in our office in central Luleå during their studies to get the opportunity to develop, feel what it is like to work with us and at the same time we get to know each other. The career chairs also have full access to use the office as a place to study.

    The basic prerequisite for being accepted as a career chair is to have at least 1.5 years left of the study time in one of the programs on data (to have time to develop together with us), is driven and has the will to want to learn and develop as an IT consultant .

    During the career chair time with us at Arctic Group, students get to participate in different types of projects where from the beginning you are a participant in the project and towards the end you have a more leading role.
    For us, the most important thing is that the career chair works with its project with us when there is time beyond school time when we see that school is a priority. Of course, all our career chairs also receive compensation for the time worked on the projects.

    The student career chairs can be developed in our work environment and get to know us and all our teams that we have within Arctic Group and which, based on their individual experiences, skills and areas of interest, would have the opportunity to fit best into, says Patrik Knochenhauer, senior consultant and team leader for our career chairs.

    The career chairs always have at least one sponsor who takes care of and supports the career chairs in its projects. We see the career chairs in the same way as we see our employees and they are included and of course invited to our conferences, afterworks, trainings and events that we organize and participate in.

    We market ourselves in our social channels as we seek new career chairs. To be accepted, the student is given the opportunity to come to an interview with us, similar to the approach we use in a new employment.

    The career chairs are very important to us at Arctic Group, they come in with a huge drive and a great interest in wanting to learn more.

    We see long-term with our career chairs and it is great fun to follow them on their journey to see how they develop in our organization, as individuals and as IT consultants, says Helene Elfving who is responsible for HR at Arctic Group.

    For us, it also feels important to be able to contribute to receiving young new graduates to help them enter working life and also to keep them in our region, Helene continues.

    Are you a student? Apply for the career chair

    The career chair is a unique opportunity for you as a student to try out working life and complete your studies at the same time

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    Student career chair